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Weekly Wrap-Up

Since I picked Saturday as my “weigh in” day, I figure I’ll use my blog to keep track.

I greatly wish I had better news. But, I said I’m being open and honest. I’m not “starting over” with each slip up. Because this isn’t a diet. This is my new life. And you can’t just start your whole life over every time you make a small slip up.

The last three days have been crap food wise. I’ve had lots of beer. Yesterday I even set aside any notion of health at my favorite All-You-Can-Eat. And my mother-in-law, bless her, always has wonderful snacks setting out.

So how’d I fair? I gained 5 pounds this week. 5.3 actually. My weight is now 231. (That’s higher than two weeks ago when I started.) But, today is a new week. A new day. This next meal? A new meal. And yes, I’m blaming part of it on bloat. Drinking beer and eating pub food makes me retain water like a whale. (Do whale’s retain water? Probably not… but it sounds fun.)

Despite my gain, I’m feeling oddly inspired. I’ve realized that if I keep up these habits, I’m going to be over 250 before long.

So now, let’s focus on the positive.

Everyday last week I exercised. 7 days of exercise. 30 minutes minimum. I even did an hour yesterday! So that’s an improvement. A HUGE improvement.

And now, with this… I’m off to make a “Goals” Page for this blog. That way I can track myself, and when I need some inspiration I can refer to that.


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