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I’ve had two really REALLY good days on WW. Two perfect days! I’m so proud of myself!

Now? I’m making a game plan for when I go home next week. It’s always like vacation when we’re home. So I’m planning ahead. A daily menu (complete with allowances for drinks and not going over my points!!) My goal will be to LOSE WEIGHT while I’m at home!!!

So stay tuned (tomorrow maybe?) for a menu for my hometime!!


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I’ve started this post three times, and I’m just not sure how to say it. So, I’ll just dive in.

I’m fat. I’m fat for a reason. I am fat because I like to eat. I hate to exercise. I love food.

There. I said it. (Not that you couldn’t have figured that out!)

Now, I’m going to use this blog for what it is. A weight loss tool. I am going to write about a struggle. I am going to work out how to overcome this struggle. Because I know I can


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Marching forward

Cheesy title, I know!

For the past three days I have been in a downward spiral. Basically a “Free for all” where food is concerned. Pop Tarts. Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Candy Bars. Taco Salads.

So today, I’m back on track.

I can do this. I’ve done so well the past few months, and now I’m going back to that.

A slip up is no big deal. This is a life-long journey, and I’m bound to have a few of them time and again.

So today. March 1, 2009. I’m rededicating myself to a healthier, happier me!
Two Hundred Ninety Eight

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Hubby picked up the latest “SELF” magazine for me last night, said he thought it would give me something to do while we drive. (As if playing on the web isn’t enough?)

I was flipping through it this morning and they mentioned taking a snap shot of everything you eat for a week.

I thought this was a neat idea. Then, there’s no way to lie about it. No way to hide it.

So this next week (March 1-7) I am going to photograph everything I eat! (Get ready for some yummy photos!)

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Let’s play catch up

I’ve been struggling with writing this post. How do I sum up a months time? (Well, nearly a month!)

The 23rd of January, my darling husband tripped over my computer plug (which I warned him about three times immediately before) which yanked the dc jack, which cracked the motherboard, which left me computerless for nearly a month! (I now have my reincarnated ancient lap top circa 2004!)

In that time though, I’m VERY proud to say that I hit my 5% goal (213.8) and am working towards my 10% goal (204) sitting at 212 right now!! Woo Hoo!!!

I gave up soda (diet) for a week and a half. But stupidly started up again after that time.

I spent a lot of quality time with my camera (of which I’m still slowly uploading photos to my flickr account.)

So now; I’m back to blogging. Which I’m so anxious for! It really helped to hold me accountable in the past, and I’m needing that accountability again.

Tonight I’m hoping to catch up on the blogs I was regularly reading! I apologize for being so darn slow!!

One major victory that I want to share… I had crab legs, without the butter!!  (About 300 calories… but the butter would have added a TON!)

Two Hundred Seventy Three

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I’m just popping in for thirty seconds to explain the lack of posts.

3 weeks ago, hubby stepped on my computer cord. (Or rather tripped over!) And it yanked the DC Jack off the mother board. Since we were a thousand miles from home, there was no getting it fixed immediately. And let me tell you; 3 weeks without my computer?? The closest to torture!

Ok, not really. But I missed blogging and reading blogs. So today and tomorrow I will be updating and checking up!

I promise a REAL update this evening!

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Back on the horse

I will not beat myself up.

I will not beat myself up.

I will NOT beat myself up.

I have not failed.

I have not failed.

I have NOT failed.

Last night didn’t go so well. We couldn’t find an Applebee’s and I caved and agreed to Famous Dave’s. And? I didn’t even chose healthy. I used ALL (yes, ALL) of my extra points. And 1/2 of my activity points. So… I have 2.5 activity points left; and no extra ones until Saturday.

All’s well; I just have to be EXTRA good with our parents. *sigh*

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