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I was looking through photos this week, and found one of my husband. Right after he’d lost all his weight. A photo he’d probably divorce me for posting on the internet! (Shhh! He’ll never know!)

I’ve decided that when I finally lose enough weight? I want an embarassing photo of me!


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Crackbook  er…Facebook has been eye opening for me weight loss wise. It’s been a struggle actually.

If you follow me on facebook then you know that I rarely post anything other than a face shot… unless someone is blocking me!

The reason for this? I used to be skinny. And when I was skinny? I thought I was fat. (Like the photo there? I was about 140 and I almost refused to take that photo for my Sr. Portrait because I was too fat!)

I love facebook. Mostly because I’ve reconnected with so many friends from right after high school. (I’ve often said that the best time of my life before becoming a mom was the years I worked at Summer Camp, so finding those people has been a dream come true!)

But I’m embarassed. Horrified that the girl they knew, the “Fat Girl” who weighed 140, 150, eep! Even 160 was now really, truly a FAT GIRL!


Today I was “Friended” by a girl who had been one of my best friends the two years after high school. (My Pre-Colorado years; before I gained all my weight!) I was looking at her photo album and I found myslef in awe. I remember when she was the Fat Girl in our group… when she joined Weight Watchers (which apparently, it worked for her!) and I was ashamed of myself for how I’d thought she used to be so overweight.

Now? I’m thinking to myself “Geez, I wish I could get to where she was when she was fat!! At that point? I’d be thin!”

I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m finding facebook inspiring. It’s making me want to push on with my weight loss. Be a better person. Be the me I used to be.

Maybe then I can go to a reunion with my old friends!

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My husband is my inspiration. In many ways. But, since this is a weight loss blog? His weight loss story inspires me every day.

We started dating in 1997. I was 14, he was 17. (Yep; a sappy high school sweetheart story.) I was an athlete, he was slightly pudgy but still slim.

We moved to Colorado for college. He gained the freshman fifteen, the sophomore twenty, the junior fifty. And I followed along, gaining right beside him. After we got married in 2004, he stayed the same. I gained another 20.

Then in 2005, he decided he was sick of being fat. So, he lost weight. Really, it seemed that easy for him. He just quit drinking (so much) smoking (entirely) and started counting his calories. He gave up soda, and potato chips.

It took him a year. But he dropped at least 90 pounds. (He didn’t get on a scale before he started, for fear of the number…)

Before and After
(Because I love Goofy Hats!)

Somedays, he annoys me. Because he makes it seem so easy. But always, I am proud of him. He has lost a lot of weight. And kept it off for over two years.

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