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My problem isn’t that I don’t like to exercise. Heck, I’m in the process of begging Hubby to buy me a treadmill so that I can watch my favorite shows while walking. (And before you say I probably wouldn’t do it… when we lived with my in-laws for six months I did every day. My rule was I could only watch TV while walking on the treadmill. It worked well, because I’m addicted to television.)

My problem IS however, that my lifestyle is not exercise friendly. See, I live in a truck. With two other people. And due to our schedule, the truck is moving about 18 hours a day. (And since I don’t sleep well with the truck moving, I use the time we are stopped to sleep.)

Sure, we park in the back of the truck stop and walk as far as we can to get to our meals. And when I’m lucky enough to have the chance, I strapĀ Baby in her stroller and grab my mp3 player and take a walk. But that just isn’t enough for me, especially since I have dreams of running. (And when I move home, quit my job and go back to school in July I intend to do just that!) But for now; I need something more. So I started researching Deskercise! I know it’s not really much; but it’s something I can do in the drivers seat. (So watch out for a big blue semi with me driving, I may be deskercising!)



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That Shakespeare quote really summarizes the journey of weight loss I think. But, I need to keep reminding myself that I didn’t adopt the unhealthy choices overnight, and thus I’m not going to lose them overnight either.

Yesterday was a very up and down day for me. I started out with 50 minutes of Cardio! (20 minutes on the elipitical and 30 on the treadmill!) Then I had a healthy lunch. I was really on a roll.

Then it went downhill fast. No. It plummeted.

Hubby left me (and baby) alone at the company terminal in Dallas and he ran to pick up a load. When I found out the microwave wasn’t working, rather than eat cold soup I ordered pizza. So, I ended up eating a small slice of pizza. Four breadsticks. (Equivalent to 1 slice of cheese pizza really.) And six cinnamon sticks. (Plus all the frosting that comes with them.)

When hubby got back I felt so guilty that I left Baby Girl with him and took another 30 minutes on the treadmill.

You win some, you lose some. But yesterday, overall I think was a win.

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Two Hundred Forty Seven

I am lazy. But, you probably guessed that. You don’t climb the scales to 227 pounds by being active.

I’ve never liked to exercise either. (Although I wasn’t always fat,
I have always hated exercise.) I was VERY active though; I played
soccer and basketball for most of my “childhood” and into high school.
But, still hated Exercise. I was even diagnosed with “Exercise Induced
Asthma”; although in hindsight I think maybe it was just another way to
get out of having to run suicide drills at basketball practice. (In
reality, I was probably just out of shape and lazy, convinced my doctor
that my coach was “mean”!)

So when I was talking to my husband about how he lost over 100 pounds, he told me the biggest key was exercise. I cringed.

immediately had excuses. We live in a truck, there’s rarely time or
space to exercise. I don’t have the proper shoes. I can’t fit into a
sports bra. What if I can’t shower right away?

He immediately
had a counter to everything I said. He will make the time. Buy the
shoes. Order a Bra. Make time and a way to shower.

Damn! Foiled.

So, this week I’ve started moving.

And you know what? It wasn’t so bad. I actually really enjoyed time to myself, even if I wasn’t truly alone… (Living in an 8′ x 8′ box with two other people will really make you miss your alone time!) My daughter has enjoyed her stroller time, my husband his forty five extra minutes of sleep, and I have just taken pride in moving. (A Brisk 30 minute walk is 2 extra WW points, you know? Of which I haven’t eaten yet *grins proudly*)

As mentioned, my goal for this month is to move more. But I’m adding to that. This week, I will keep with my walking. But next week? Watch out! After my weigh in on Saturday, I’m going to try for running! One of my New Year’s Goals is to run a 5k, so I’ll set out for that now. No time like the present, right?

I have a good friend who followed the Couch to 5K program, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll start there. Anything to get me moving!

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I am going back to the other browser window to proudly stare at my weight watchers screen that boasts today’s 2 activity points.

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One of my goals is to run a 5k; but since I’m the laziest person in the worls right now, that’s just not happening yet. So I’ve set a goal for myself to be more active in the month of January. Nothing real specific, just move a little more. This is a little more difficult given that I live in a truck for the time being, so I’ve got to seize the chance when I have it.

I started out yesterday with a thirty minute walk! I woke up, strapped my little one into a stroller and set out for a walk. We walked at a pretty good pace (I’m proud of it at least) around a rest area in Metropolis, IL.

It felt so good to walk. I was really proud of myself.

But, I got bored. My thougths wandered a bit, but really… I just got bored. (I think this is why I never really succeed at exercise, I get too bored.) So, I need to find some way to keep myself motivated and entertained. Really? I just need to force myself to do it. I’m going to see if I can budget in a small mp3 player sometime soon. Perhaps that would help.

I suppose my whole point of this is that it really wasn’t as scary as I thought to exercise. So I will get out and move a bit more often.

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