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PhotobucketThat’s me! In shorts!

Yep; wearing shorts. In public. For a picture. (Excuse the hair; it was early morning and then add in humidity… YUCK!)

I don’t remember the last time I wore shorts. Seriously. I know it was sometime prior to my honeymoon in 2004. (Because I remember that I had a rough time with how hot it was in San Diego in July wearing jeans to cover my blubber. I wouldn’t want to risk someone thinking I was a whale that had become stranded on the beach!)

So today? I am wearing shorts.

Me! A Fat Girl. In shorts. And; I don’t feel so bad about it. I don’t feel embarrassed. I don’t feel like people are pointing and laughing. I feel normal.



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For the first time today, when I was shopping, I actually enjoyed Wow!!! I tried on several outfits and actually found one I loved!! I tried it on and thought “Wow! I look kinda cute!”  And promptly purchased it!

I even bought a new necklace and earrings to go with it!!


(I’m wearing it on Wednesday; so I will have a MUCH better picture!)

Also; this inspired me to be healthy this evening!! I’ve got 2 points left for the day… maybe I’ll find myself a little snack! (But I’m saving my Flex Points for a family gathering on Wednesday…)

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I’m only popping in! (I’m supposed to be writing a Microbiology paper!) But I wanted to share a comparison photo!

One of the neat things about this journey that I’m on is that I’ve been capturing it in photographs! I’ve been doing “Project 365” where I take a self portrait every day for a year. And it’s been funny to see the changes in me throughout the process! (First pregnancy, then post-partum and now weight loss!!) (The whole set is here, if you’re interested.)

The “Before” shot here was taken on December 3 (so just over 90 days ago) I was probably about 227 at the time. (At least that’s what the scale had said at Thanksgiving.)

The “After” was taken two days ago, and my last weigh in said 212 pounds.





* I also have taken “traditional” progress shots that I’m hoping to upload to my “Progress Photos” page this afternoon!! *

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