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I go home in four days. Last time I went home I got SERIOUSLY derailed. (Gained back 1/2 of what I’d lost over that week and the next week after!) So this week; I need a game plan.

I’m already fighting with myself. I’d kind of planned a “splurge” day for Saturday even *eek* (Breakfast at my favorite bakery, lunch of grilled cheese and tomatoe soup, taco bell for dinner) but thinking about it… I eat about five grilled cheese sandwiches (to soak up all the soup) and I don’t need a cookie for breakfast. Plus, I found my crunch wrap on Hungry Girl!!!

So I’m compiling a list of things I’d like to try and make when I get home!! (Hopefully I can stick to this; finding lower points versions of my bad for you treats! (Since I eat mostly Subway and Truck Stop Grilled Chicken the rest of the month!)  (I will review EACH when/if I make it!)

Jac’s Health(ier) Swaps!

Instead of my usual Crunch Wrap at Taco Bell for 12 POINTS, I’m going with Hungry Girl’s version!! (Only 4!!!) I’m so anxious about this!! I can’t wait to make it, I may have it twice!  (And these Nachos for 5 points!)

Pizza is one of our staples at home; so I think I may try and make a healthier version (at least for me, if not for Hubs too!) Like the thin crust pizza here!  (On second thought; I’ll just have a slice or two of the real stuff… but this could make a nice lunch for me when i’m home alone!)

Maybe these Petite Turkey Meat Loaf’s too! And Hubby will NEVER guess that this Santa Fe Chicken is Healthy!! (Can you tell we like Mexican food?) And Fried Rice???!!!???!!!??!

Now I’m hungry!! (And everyone MUST go check out Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes!!)



Before I go; I forgot to mention… I’m down 3 pounds this week!! So I’m back to 215! But I’m so rededicated that I counted my single tic tac! So this is going to work!!!!!


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