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I was looking through photos this week, and found one of my husband. Right after he’d lost all his weight. A photo he’d probably divorce me for posting on the internet! (Shhh! He’ll never know!)

I’ve decided that when I finally lose enough weight? I want an embarassing photo of me!


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PhotobucketI’ve decided I need to reward myself. But this post is about so much more than just rewards, because each reward is a goal in itself. Something I’ve wanted to do, but the Fat Girl in me just can’t do it. I’m too fat. Not “hip” enough. Whatever.

So this is my list of things I’m going to reward myself with. Things I’m going to do when I get skinny!

When I get Skinny, I am going to…

  1. Get a makeover at the mall (including learning to wear makeup, buying makeup, etc)
  2. Wear a pair of heels with jeans
  3. Buy my ferrari handbag
  4. Purchase a SUPER cute Motorcycle Jacket (For the motorcycle that Hubby is buying in 2 weeks)
  5. Spend a day at the spa
  6. Dye my hair (something funky)
  7. Get a tattoo (this is a “maybe” )

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I just finished reading Secrets of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney, and one thing she mentions in her book is to make a list of your “Food Truths” or things that always apply to you and food. Then, she suggests working on two of them that are unhealthy.

Making my list was painful. It took three days, a few calls to my mom and nagging my husband to help me come up with a few! But I was pleasantly shocked to find out that I have a few that are somewhat healthy on there!!) I thought I’d share my list with you, as well as the ones I want to work on.

  1. Always drench (appropriate items) in ketchup or dressing
  2. If it’s a sit-down restaurant, an appetizer is a MUST.
  3. Beer and Mexican food ALWAYS go to gether
  4. Soda MUST be diet (I made this switch a few years back)
  5. If there’s bread, after everyone’s had at least one slice, I take seconds.
  6. NEVER, EVER, under penalty of death (by my mother) can I have the last of  ANYTHING! That is always reserved for someone else. (I still follow this, even just hanging out on the couch with Hubby at home!)
  7. Extra sour cream, if sour cream is needed.
  8. Loaded (Baked or Mashed) whenever it’s an option
  9. Extra cheese on my pizza please
  10. Always order mushrooms if they are an option! There is no better thing to add to any meat than mushrooms! (and occasionally onions!)
  11. At a meal, I always eat all of one item before starting another. (Unless it’s bread, that can be eaten pretty constantly!)
  12. I don’t drink Milk. (I haven’t since I was about 2 years old. I’ve tried; I just can’t.)
  13. Everytime I go to my hometown, I must eat at Runza, Amigos, Valentino’s, House of Hunan, Braeda and Goodrich (All junk food restaurants, all local, all yummy!)
  14. I love salsa, but only Pace Pecante sauce (and I NEVER eat the junks; just the juice!)
  15. I must (at all times) have a water bottle near by. Drinking water is one thing I’ve NEVER had a problem with.

So what am I going to work on? Which two? And how?

Always drench (appropriate items) in ketchup or dressing :: Dressing on the side (and I have purchased individual packets of fat free/low fat in my favorite varieties for when it’s not available!) and avoiding foods that need ketchup in the first place!

Extra sour cream, if sour cream is needed. Loaded (Baked or Mashed) whenever it’s an option. Extra cheese on my pizza please! Ok; so it’s really three. But why not all three at once? No more extras for me! If it doesn’t come with it; I don’t need it.

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My problem isn’t that I don’t like to exercise. Heck, I’m in the process of begging Hubby to buy me a treadmill so that I can watch my favorite shows while walking. (And before you say I probably wouldn’t do it… when we lived with my in-laws for six months I did every day. My rule was I could only watch TV while walking on the treadmill. It worked well, because I’m addicted to television.)

My problem IS however, that my lifestyle is not exercise friendly. See, I live in a truck. With two other people. And due to our schedule, the truck is moving about 18 hours a day. (And since I don’t sleep well with the truck moving, I use the time we are stopped to sleep.)

Sure, we park in the back of the truck stop and walk as far as we can to get to our meals. And when I’m lucky enough to have the chance, I strap Baby in her stroller and grab my mp3 player and take a walk. But that just isn’t enough for me, especially since I have dreams of running. (And when I move home, quit my job and go back to school in July I intend to do just that!) But for now; I need something more. So I started researching Deskercise! I know it’s not really much; but it’s something I can do in the drivers seat. (So watch out for a big blue semi with me driving, I may be deskercising!)


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Skinny Jeans!

Two Hundred Seventy Seven

I am ridiculously proud to admit that the above photo is me!!  In my “Skinny Jeans”!!! (And horribly out of focus, but oh well…)

I can wear my size 17’s that I had in the closet.

Confession?  I have to wear them with a baggy shirt so you don’t see my muffin top. But they fit at the waist just fine! Pregnancy was hell on my body…

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Rest in peace

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Before I jump into the real entry here… I lost this week!! (5.4 pounds, so I’m back down 2.4 from my starting weight!!)

Now… for the REAL entry.

2 years ago, right after my Hubby had lost all his weight and I had finished gaining all mine *eye roll* my father in law took us fishing in Canada. It was the best vacation of my life. Hands Down. But… I was about 260 pounds, and absolutely miserable and embarrassed for a lot of the vacation. Rather than having fun, I was worried about what everyone thought of my skinny husband and his fat wife.

Last night, my father in law invited us to go on the trip again this year!! (He goes annually and always takes someone different with him. So to get to go a second time, so soon is VERY rare!!) But this time? I’m determined to be under 200 pounds! (For the first time since 2002!!!) So that I can better enjoy myself! And maybe… just maybe, I’ll even wear shorts! And an added motivator? The trip will be on the 12 anniversary of Hubby and My first date!!! (What better time to show off his new hot wife??

So wish me luck!! Below 200 by June 5!!

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