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I am really REALLY lacking motivation lately.

Like today? I had a cookie for breakfast. (8 points! So it was a GIANT cookie!) I had two little debbie snacks as a treat. (I don’t even know the points. I quit counting.)

I know the last few days I’ve been within my points. But I know it hasn’t been easy. I haven’t counted.

So tomorrow is my weigh day. And I’m being a wuss. I’m not holding myself accountable. I’m not weighing in.

But… tomorrow? I’m back on track. I’m logging. I’m exercising. I’m blogging. I am motivated. I am accountable.
Three Hundred Forty Six


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I just finished reading Secrets of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney, and one thing she mentions in her book is to make a list of your “Food Truths” or things that always apply to you and food. Then, she suggests working on two of them that are unhealthy.

Making my list was painful. It took three days, a few calls to my mom and nagging my husband to help me come up with a few! But I was pleasantly shocked to find out that I have a few that are somewhat healthy on there!!) I thought I’d share my list with you, as well as the ones I want to work on.

  1. Always drench (appropriate items) in ketchup or dressing
  2. If it’s a sit-down restaurant, an appetizer is a MUST.
  3. Beer and Mexican food ALWAYS go to gether
  4. Soda MUST be diet (I made this switch a few years back)
  5. If there’s bread, after everyone’s had at least one slice, I take seconds.
  6. NEVER, EVER, under penalty of death (by my mother) can I have the last of  ANYTHING! That is always reserved for someone else. (I still follow this, even just hanging out on the couch with Hubby at home!)
  7. Extra sour cream, if sour cream is needed.
  8. Loaded (Baked or Mashed) whenever it’s an option
  9. Extra cheese on my pizza please
  10. Always order mushrooms if they are an option! There is no better thing to add to any meat than mushrooms! (and occasionally onions!)
  11. At a meal, I always eat all of one item before starting another. (Unless it’s bread, that can be eaten pretty constantly!)
  12. I don’t drink Milk. (I haven’t since I was about 2 years old. I’ve tried; I just can’t.)
  13. Everytime I go to my hometown, I must eat at Runza, Amigos, Valentino’s, House of Hunan, Braeda and Goodrich (All junk food restaurants, all local, all yummy!)
  14. I love salsa, but only Pace Pecante sauce (and I NEVER eat the junks; just the juice!)
  15. I must (at all times) have a water bottle near by. Drinking water is one thing I’ve NEVER had a problem with.

So what am I going to work on? Which two? And how?

Always drench (appropriate items) in ketchup or dressing :: Dressing on the side (and I have purchased individual packets of fat free/low fat in my favorite varieties for when it’s not available!) and avoiding foods that need ketchup in the first place!

Extra sour cream, if sour cream is needed. Loaded (Baked or Mashed) whenever it’s an option. Extra cheese on my pizza please! Ok; so it’s really three. But why not all three at once? No more extras for me! If it doesn’t come with it; I don’t need it.

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Skinny Jeans!

Two Hundred Seventy Seven

I am ridiculously proud to admit that the above photo is me!!  In my “Skinny Jeans”!!! (And horribly out of focus, but oh well…)

I can wear my size 17’s that I had in the closet.

Confession?  I have to wear them with a baggy shirt so you don’t see my muffin top. But they fit at the waist just fine! Pregnancy was hell on my body…

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Here I go again

I’m making another confession.

For the last few days, being healthy has been as far from my mind as possible. I’ve had hamburgers and buffalo wings. Nachos and cookies. And it has been oh so yummy.

And then, I came to a realization. I am addicted to food.  (I even dedicated the latest post in my photo blog to food. A Photo is worth 1,000 Calories. )

I am so dedicated to getting healthy. I need to get healthy. But, I just can’t kick this addiction. I can’t even curb it lately.

So today I told my husband that I need his help, or I can’t do this. I need him to not keep suggesting we go out to restaurants. To not suggest that we go get drinks. To not bring munchies like chips and cookies into the truck. Because the temptation for me is too great. And my will power is not yet strong enough.

So today I am rededicating myself (yep, pathetic! At three weeks in, I need to rededicate myself.) and I am going to get this done. It will be a struggle. But I will do it.

And this post isn’t to say I haven’t been good at all. Heck, in the last three weeks I’ve made healthier choices over all than I probably ever have. But, I also haven’t been taking it as seriously as I need to. And that is all changing right this minute.

Now I’m off to find a scale to jump on. *eek* (I will be starting my weeks on Sundays now, no more avoiding it.) Wish me luck!

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I have a confession to make.

I asked my husband to help me to make better choices. To keep me from the crap, really.

The last two days though? I’ve been snacking, without telling him.

Yesterday, I had two little debbie snacks. Let me tell you, Little Debbie does not eat those things and stay little.

Today? McDonald’s. Two Cheeseburgers. And a small fry.

So… I fessed up to him. Also, let me tell you. I counted every bite. And; I didn’t go over on calories!! So, technically? It’s still a win. But… it’s a HORRIBLE habit. And it needs to stop. NOW.

So my small victory? I almost went and bought a Snickers bar tonight.

Instead? I’m posting this log entry.

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